Better Battery Means Better E-Bike

If the e-bikes are so good for getting around, the question can be asked why these are only taking off now. The answer comes down to a number of improvements, with the biggest actually being the battery and the electrics that allow for the pedal assist to do its job.

"It is really the integration of the electronics to build a higher performance oriented product than what was available in the past," said Adela Wang , which makes the Frey brand of electric bicycles. "It has been a gradual and slow progression, sort of like pedaling uphill."
Exactly how slow this innovation has been in coming is notable in that electric bikes have been around almost as long as the bicycle itself. In fact, the motorcycle -- the big sibling of the bicycle -- came out of developments to put a motor on a bike.
What wasnt around back then was the modern rechargeable battery, a true game changer for those looking to get some help when pedaling. The size of the battery has gotten smaller, making it a far more viable technology for riders.
"Electric bicycles were invented more than a hundred years ago, but modern lithium ion battery technology has made them at least 20 pounds lighter," said Beth Black of Frey Electric Bikes.
"When we started a few years ago, the battery packs still weighed 30 pounds. Today, a battery weighs six pounds and lasts 10 times longer. Recent investments in improving battery technology for other applications, such as cars, are helping to develop even better batteries for electric bikes," she explained.


Andy Ashby of the Cooper-Young Regional Beerfest, Pt. 1

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of sitting down withAndy Ashby, one of the founders and organizers of theCooper-Young Regional Beerfest, to talk about the history of the festival and what we can expect this year.The Cooper-Young Regional Beerfest will be held this Saturday, October 15th, from 1-5 p.m., in the parking lot of Life Link Memphis.Where’d the idea of the CY Regional Beerfest come from?I’m on the board of the Cooper Young Community Association, and a lot of the board members are also really into beer...I was thinking we needed another fund-Brewing equipment
raiser, and we were all like, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to do a beer festival?’ We’re all friends and we’re all into beer, so it didn’t even really feel like a lot of work.Why do you think Cooper-Young is especially suited to host a beer festival?You’ve got a city like Asheville, North Carolina, where they’re crazy about their beer. They’ve got something like eight or nine local breweries in a relatively small town. It’s kind of a point of pride for us that we’ve got this very tight-knit neighborhood [which isn’t unlike a scaled-down version of Asheville], and we love the idea of a local community and craft beer.It feels like one of those win-win things: we’ll get a bunch of beer that we can’t normally get here,and have it basically delivered to our doorstep. And on top of that, you get to meet a bunch of really cool brewers like Ivan Chester from Yazoo, the folks from Lazy Magnolia, and Schlafly is sending some of their brewers down here. So you get to hang out with these guys, drink their beer, and raise money for the [Cooper-Young] all at the same time.What was attendance and the general reaction like last year?Last year, we sold around 400 tickets, plus all of the volunteers and designated drivers plus comp tickets, so we probably had around 500 people...and we sold out on festival day even though we were brand new and kind of an unknown commodity. It really worked out well...most attendees were from Memphis, and a good portion of those were from Cooper-Young. So we decided to offer more tickets this year.It seems like just about everything revolving around the festival is a celebration of all things regional.Exactly. We’ll have food from local restaurants: Sweet Grass will be bringing homemade brats which will be made Friday, and freshly-made mustard as well as barbecue from Central. WEVL will be there, and Goner Records will be DJing and selling some of their merchandise. We really wanted to focus on promoting Cooper-Young as a community.Can you talk a bit about the beer education tent?The beer education tent, which we’re calling Beer Tent Revival, gives brewers and the Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs the opportunity to talk about whatever they want: their products, the brewing process, the industry. It was a huge success last year. The tent was almost overflowing, so we’ve provided more room for it this year. We want people to come away excited about craft beer in the same way we’re excited. You usually can’t really get that access to the people who really know beer...I mean they’re the ones who brew it.Which breweries should we expect to see this year?Ghost River, Boscos, Yazoo, Schlafly, Lazy Magnolia, Red Brick from Atlanta (who just recently introduced their beers to the Memphis market)..a lot of stuff that’s within a day’s driving distance. And that includes some stuff from some breweries from Asheville like Green Man, French Broad, and the Asheville Brewing Company. Plus the Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs are bringing some pretty exciting beers [Check out a few of themhere.] It should all be pretty fantastic.We want people to discover some new beers that, next time they’re at a bar or restaurant, they’ll ask about. It’s a way of showing breweries that don’t currently distribute here that there is in fact demand for their product in Memphis.Keep an eye out for pt. 2, in which Ashby talks about the local craft beer scene.Cooper-Young Regional Beerfest————Beer Brewing
I know I mentioned this in the last post, but Raffe’s Deli will be hosting a beer tasting this evening featuring Yazoo and brew-master, Ivan Chester, starting at 7 p.m., and Young Avenue Deli will be hosting keep-the-glass cask night (also with Ivan) at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening...I believe he’ll be bringing a cask of Yazoo’s Sly Rye Porter instilled with Olive & Sinclair cocoa nibs. Both events should be pretty stellar, so check ‘em out!Edited: An earlier version of this story read that tickets for the http://www.chinabeerbrewing.com/ Beerfest had sold out. Tickets can be bought online atbeerfest.cooperyoung.orguntil midnight Friday or at Boscos Squared, Mid-South Malts and the CYCA offices.


Electrically actuated ball valve available from Chem Resist Europe

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Chem-Resist’s ball valve can accept virtually any input power signal. Standard voltage is 85 to 240 AC or DC, with an optional version for 12 to 24 volt AC or DC also available. The actuator automatically adjusts to the voltage provided within its range providing 177 in/lbs of torque with an 11 second cycle time. Manual override and status indicator lights are standard; fail safe and 4-20 mA control are also available. Moulded with non-pigmented, plasticiser-free homopolymer resin the valves are assembled ‘dry’ to eliminate contamination and are available in 3/8” – 2” sizes
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On the Ground With U.S. Troops in Sadr City

Sadr City, the oppressively poor Shiite neighborhood on the north end of Baghdad, is now the front line in the fight create security in the Iraqi capital.

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U.S. servicemen killed by rocket fire in heavily defended area.
Since September, U.S. troops have been operating together with Iraqi police out of a heavily guarded Joint Security Station on the southern border of Sadr City. In the last two weeks they have started moving north.
About a thousand U.S. and Iraqi soldiers are moving house to house, street by street northward into Sadr City in some of the toughest urban fighting U.S. troops have seen in Iraq.
"In this area there are some real knuckleheads that just want to shoot at Americans," Command Sgt.-Maj. Michael Boom said.
Despite the fierce resistance and the tough conditions they are facing, U.S. troops are giving no ground.
As U.S. troops make progress, Boom said, "they are living in abandoned buildings."
The 50-year-old officer from Sacramento, Calif., admitted he might be too old for this sort of fighting.


Flow control valves and level gauges from Hydraulics Direct

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